Personal Storage Solutions by The Box Co. - Secure Space For Life’s Adventures

Looking for personal storage solutions? No problem - simply click below to get started today!


Personal Storage Solutions by The Box Co. - Secure Space For Life’s Adventures

Looking for personal storage solutions? No problem - simply click below to get started today!

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Embrace Flexibility In Life With Personal Storage

Life is full of events and transitions, and The Box Co. offers personal storage solutions that adapt to your changing needs.

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, moving abroad for an extended travel experience, or need to store your sports equipment off-season, we provide a secure and accessible home for your belongings. Enter your postcode and discover how we can keep your personal items safe during every chapter of your life.


Tailored Personal Storage For Every Milestone

Major life events often require a temporary home for your possessions. The Box Co. specialises in personal storage options that cater to these moments.

Our facilities are perfect for those embarking on new adventures, such as travelling for work or leisure, welcoming a new family member, or transitioning between homes. With flexible terms and even an option to store by the box, we ensure your personal items are stored securely, no matter the occasion.

What's the process?

  • Get a quote

    We will personalise a quote for you based on your specific storage and delivery requirements.

  • Packaging

    If you need them, we send you packaging materials prior to your collection

  • Collection

    Our driver will come to collect your items on your chose day and timeslot. We can pack everything up for you on request.

  • Storage

    If your stuff gets dropped in our warehouse it will be securely handled and stored by our team

  • Return / Drop Off

    Whether you need us to simply drop off your items, or return them from one of our storage facilities.


Secure and Accessible Personal Storage

Security and accessibility are the cornerstones of The Box Co.'s personal storage solutions. We ensure your items are stored in a monitored environment, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are protected around the clock.

When it's time to retrieve your items for the next life event or season, you'll find our storage facilities conveniently located and easily accessible, allowing you to pick up right where you left off.


Your Partner Through Every Transition

At The Box Co., we understand that personal storage needs arise from various life events.

We're here to support your lifestyle changes, whether you're taking a sabbatical to travel the world, downsizing your living space, or simply seeking a seasonal storage solution for your sports equipment.

Our commitment to providing a secure, convenient, and flexible storage experience makes us your ideal partner through every transition. Let us help you navigate the storage aspects of your life events, so you can focus on enjoying them.

Our Promise To you

  1. 15-star experience guarante
  2. 2Only the most professional drivers
  3. 3Safest storage facilities in the UK
  4. 4Maximum flexibility at unbeatable prices
  5. 5£100 basic insurance for every box. More on request
  6. 6Around the clock customer support
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