Long-Term Storage Solutions by The Box Co. - Secure and Affordable for Extended Peace of Mind

Need long-term storage? Simply click below to get started today!


Long-Term Storage Solutions by The Box Co. - Secure and Affordable for Extended Peace of Mind

Need long-term storage? Simply click below to get started today!

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Reliable Long-Term Storage For Lasting Security

When you need a dependable solution for storing your belongings over extended periods, The Box Co. offers secure and affordable long-term storage options tailored to provide peace of mind.

Whether you’re embarking on a lengthy travel adventure, facing a long-term relocation, or simply require a permanent home for your treasured possessions, we have the facilities and services designed to meet your long-term needs.


Cost-Effective Rates For Extended Durations

At The Box Co., we understand that long-term storage requires not just space, but also a financial commitment.

That’s why we offer special rates for extended storage, ensuring our services are as economical as they are reliable. Our straightforward pricing strategy means you can enjoy reduced rates for long-term commitments, allowing you to budget more effectively without the worry of fluctuating storage costs.

What's the process?

  • Get a quote

    We will personalise a quote for you based on your specific storage and delivery requirements.

  • Packaging

    If you need them, we send you packaging materials prior to your collection

  • Collection

    Our driver will come to collect your items on your chose day and timeslot. We can pack everything up for you on request.

  • Storage

    If your stuff gets dropped in our warehouse it will be securely handled and stored by our team

  • Return / Drop Off

    Whether you need us to simply drop off your items, or return them from one of our storage facilities.


Hassle-Free Set-Up With Continuous Support

Choosing long-term storage shouldn't be complicated. The Box Co. simplifies the process, beginning with easy setup and continuing with ongoing support.

From providing durable packaging materials to arranging collection and transportation, we handle all the details. Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout your storage term, so you'll never have a question left unanswered!


Tailoring To Your Long-Term Storage Requirements

The Box Co. is committed to offering long-term storage solutions that align with your circumstances.

Our variety of unit sizes and flexible access options mean we can cater to anyone, from individuals with just a few boxes to businesses with large inventories.

With no hidden fees, a simple pricing structure, and insurance options, you can confidently choose The Box Co. for your long-term storage needs. Let us take care of your belongings for the long term, so you can focus on what's ahead with one less thing to worry about.

Our Promise To you

  1. 15-star experience guarante
  2. 2Only the most professional drivers
  3. 3Safest storage facilities in the UK
  4. 4Maximum flexibility at unbeatable prices
  5. 5£100 basic insurance for every box. More on request
  6. 6Around the clock customer support
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