About Us

Giving Self-Storage A Tech Upgrade

We believe that self-storage should be a convenient, hassle-free experience.
Forget the old days of renting vans and traveling to distant units to Tetris your belongings together. We’re making the whole process easier from start to finish. Think of us as your solution to saving space.

A Smarter Way To Store

Our founders, drawing on their backgrounds in tech and real estate, spotted a huge inefficiency in traditional self-storage.
Why can we have food, clothes and furniture delivered to our doors but not our own belongings? It just didn’t make sense.
This insight inspired them to develop a solution as simple as ordering a takeaway — a self-storage company that allows you to arrange collection and delivery of your excess belongings, straight from your door and into storage. It’s that simple.

Stuff Matters — So Does Where You Store It

The Box Co. is all about simplicity and convenience and we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible.
Just book online, and we handle everything else—from picking up your belongings to returning them as soon as you need them. Like Uber, but for your stuff!
No more dragging your friends in to help you carry your sofa - we handle it all so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new space.

Making Storage Unit Searching A Thing Of The Past

The Box Co. removes the need for you to visit storage facilities. Ever.
No need to drive to some rural location to root through your storage unit.
We bring your things straight back to you, saving you time and effort.
Our model is not only more efficient but also saves you money. No more buying a whole unit, we only charge you for the space you use, so it’s convenient for your wallet too!

Your Partner In Packing

Whether you’re moving house, a student between terms, or living abroad, our storage solutions are flexible to meet any of your needs.
We pride ourselves in providing a safe place for your items, for as long as you want - whether it’s a month or a year. So don’t worry about crazy long-term commitments or confusing contracts.

Ready to get started? We definitely are.

Lets get started!

We’ll pick up your items from any location, securely store them, and return when you’re ready.

Lets get started!

We’ll pick up your items from any location, securely store them, and return when you’re ready.

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