Liverpool Storage Solutions: Convenient, Secure, Door-to-Door Service

In Liverpool, let us handle your storage needs. We collect right from your doorstep and securely store your items in our Liverpool storage facilities!

Overwhelmed by clutter? Craving more space? The Box Co. has your back in Liverpool!

Why Choose The Box Co. for Storage in Liverpool?

Locating a Liverpool storage unit that's both affordable and accessible can be challenging.
With The Box Co., self-storage in Liverpool is a breeze. We come to you, pick up your items, and you don't even have to step outside your home!

Your belongings are then stored securely in our Liverpool storage facility, ready for you when you need them.

Pressed for time? No worries - we handle everything. Just leave it to us.

Scheduling your storage with us online is a quick, two-minute process!
🚚 We'll collect your items on the date you choose.
🔒 We'll keep your items safe and secure in our Liverpool storage facility.
📦 We'll return them whenever you need, as quickly as 24 hours*

It's that easy!

What's the process?

  • Get a quote

    We will personalise a quote for you based on your specific storage and delivery requirements.

  • Packaging

    If you need them, we send you packaging materials prior to your collection

  • Collection

    Our driver will come to collect your items on your chosen day and timeslot. We can pack everything up for you on request.

  • Storage

    If your stuff gets dropped in our warehouse it will be securely handled and stored by our team

  • Return / Drop Off

    Whether you need us to simply drop off your items, or return them from one of our storage facilities.


Discovering the Ideal Liverpool Storage Unit - Simplified

Declutter and Breathe Easy with Liverpool's Leading Storage Solutions

At The Box Co., we believe that space is more than just a measurement - it's about living life on your terms.

Centrally located in Liverpool, we offer innovative, lifestyle-oriented storage solutions that fit both your needs and budget. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more spacious home with our unique storage by the box.

In Liverpool, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant community, space is invaluable. The Box Co. is your local partner in creating an uncluttered, peaceful living environment. Our tailored storage solutions in Liverpool are the perfect remedy for the city's bustling lifestyle.

Where Do We Serve in Liverpool?

Liverpool City Centre: including The Docks, The Baltic Triangle, Ropewalks, and more.
Liverpool Suburbs: such as Allerton, Childwall, Woolton, West Derby, Aigburth.
Merseyside Areas: covering Bootle, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Huyton, St Helens, and beyond.

Experience Liverpool Uncluttered

  • Tailored Storage Solutions

    Designed with Liverpool's vibrant spirit in mind, our unique by-the-box storage service caters to the city's diverse lifestyles. Whether you're in a cosy flat near Albert Dock, a suburban home in Mossley Hill, or a student at the University of Liverpool, our storage solutions fit your needs seamlessly.

  • Your Self-Storage, Your Liverpool

    With facilities throughout Liverpool, accessing your self-storage unit is easy and convenient. Ideal for growing families, professionals, or creatives seeking extra space.

  • Business Storage Tailored for Liverpool

    Understanding the dynamic needs of Liverpool businesses, our storage services are designed to support your entrepreneurial spirit. From storing excess inventory to important documents, we've got you covered.


Why Do Liverpool Residents Trust Our Storage Service?

Whether it's for university moves, relocation, or studying abroad, dealing with personal storage can be stressful.

We offer a variety of storage options to suit your needs in Liverpool, including convenient pickup. Forget about lugging heavy boxes!

Your items are safely stored in our Liverpool storage facility until you need them back. We deliver not just within Liverpool but to any mainland UK address.

Convinced yet?

Our pricing is based on the number of boxes you store, making it cost-effective. Plus, our entire process, from booking to managing your storage, is effortlessly done online for your convenience.


Why should I use The Box Co.?

The Box Co. is like Self Storage, but without the hassle!

We are the most convenient storage solution the UK has to offer. No need to leave the house or worry about logistics: All you have to do is book on our website, we will send you the boxes, pack your items and let our friendly drivers pick them up on the day.

We are also much cheaper than traditional self storage operators. Only pay for what you store, not for empty space in a self storage unit.

How does it work?

It’s three simple steps: 

Pick the boxes or container you need and how long you want to store for. Decide whether you want us to send you packaging materials (much easier that way)Pick your collection date and checkout

That’s it! 

Your flat packed packaging materials will arrive a few days before your pickup date to ensure you have plenty of time to get everything ready.

Will you collect and store my furniture?

We will collect (almost!) anything. If you have furniture or other bulky items, please select either a container or half a container, depending on how many items you have. Unsure about the size? Please contact us and we are more than happy to help.

Is my stuff insured?

Yes, of course! We offer a maximum liability of £100 per box. If you need anything more than this please use the live chat or email us at to discuss it further.

What locations do you service?

Anywhere in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland)

How do I get my stuff back?

Just fill out our return form and we will deliver your stuff back to you. You can even choose to only get certain boxes back.

Do you offer business storage?

We do! Many of our clients are businesses that need office supplies or documents stored. Please follow the usual checkout flow. 

If you require larger volumes or longer-term storage, please get in touch at and we can discuss your requirements. 

Can I use my own boxes?

Of course. Just make sure your double-walled (this means thick) boxes are the correct sizes. Then print & attach our labels before the pickup. Please note our drivers will not be able to collect oversized or unlabelled boxes.

How are you different to self storage? 

Similar to traditional self storage, your items will be securely stored for as long as you wish. However, there are two important differences:

Convenience: We collect your items from your address and return them within 24h whenever you need them back. This takes out all the hassle that comes with traditional Self Storage, such as organising a van, doing the heavy lifting, spending time moving your items from A to B or paying loads of extra £££ for third parties to help

Low Cost: Unlike traditional self storage, we only charge you for what you actually store and not for a large storage space that sits half empty. This makes The Box Co. a much more cost-efficient alternative to traditional self storage providers.

Who is behind The Box Co.?

We are an experienced team of property professionals who are passionate about storage and have been fed up with the poor customer experience that most established providers offer. We started The Box Co. based on our fundamental belief of putting the customer experience at the very heart of what we do. 

We are particularly proud of the positive feedback we have received from many of our customers. Check us out on Trustpilot to see what some of them are saying!

I am lost, can you help?

Absolutely! Our team is here assist with any questions or process your booking. You can talk to us using the chat widget or send us an email to