What Is Self Storage?

What Is Self Storage?

In an era where both living and working spaces are becoming increasingly cluttered, the demand for efficient, secure, and affordable storage solutions is more critical than ever. 

This has led to the rise of self-storage, a service designed to cater to a broad spectrum of storage needs across various demographics. 

From homeowners with excess belongings to businesses in need of additional inventory space, self-storage provides a convenient and flexible solution. This article explores the ins and outs of self-storage, including its definition, uses, costs, and accessibility.

What Is Self Storage?

Self-storage is a service that offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to rent storage spaces, known as units, to house their possessions temporarily. 

These units come in various sizes and can be rented on a month-to-month basis or for longer periods, providing a scalable solution to storage needs. Some companies, such as The Box Co. even provide a storage-by-the-box service, for those who don’t can’t fill a whole unit and don’t want to pay for wasted space.


Traditional Storage unit vs The Box Co.


A defining feature of self-storage is the freedom it gives users; as the sole keyholder, you have unrestricted access to your belongings, allowing you to add or remove items as your needs evolve.

Self-storage facilities prioritise security and ease of access, with many providing round-the-clock surveillance, individual alarms for units, and electronic gate access. 

This emphasis on security ensures that your belongings are stored in a safe environment, offering peace of mind that is often lacking with other storage solutions.

What Can I Put In Self Storage?

Self-storage's appeal lies in its adaptability. You can store a variety of items, including but not limited to, household furniture, electronic appliances, items such as holiday decorations, clothing, business documents, and inventory.

This makes self-storage a go-to solution for a variety of situations—whether you're in the middle of moving houses, decluttering your space, or a business needing to store excess stock.

It's important to be aware of the limitations, however. For safety and legal reasons, items such as hazardous chemicals, perishable food items, illegal goods, and living things are prohibited in self-storage units. 

Facilities often provide a detailed list of such items to ensure compliance and maintain a safe storage environment for everyone.

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

The cost of renting a self-storage unit is influenced by several factors, including the unit's size, the facility's location, and the rental duration. 

In general, smaller units are more affordable, making them an excellent option for students or individuals with smaller storage needs. 

Larger units or those with special features like climate control can be more expensive, catering to businesses or individuals with extensive or sensitive items to store.

Prices can vary significantly from one location to another, with city facilities typically charging more due to higher property costs. Many self-storage providers offer various payment plans, discounts for long-term rentals, or special promotions, making it beneficial to research and compare options before making a decision.

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Why Do People Typically Use Self Storage?

The reasons for using self-storage are as diverse as the users themselves. Here are a few common scenarios:

  • Decluttering: A temporary home for items that are not needed daily, creating a more organised living space.
  • Transitional Storage: During life events such as moving to a new home, divorce, or downsizing, self-storage provides a secure place to keep belongings until a more permanent solution is found.
  • Renovation: Protecting furniture and valuables from dust and damage while home improvements are made.
  • Business Storage: An offsite solution for inventory, documents, or equipment, helping to keep the office environment uncluttered and functional.
  • Seasonal Items: A space to store decorations, seasonal clothing, or sports equipment when not in use, freeing up home storage spaces.

Who Can Rent A Storage Unit?

Self-storage is accessible to virtually anyone in need of extra storage space. The process of renting a unit is straightforward, usually requiring only a valid form of identification and proof of current address. 

Most facilities offer flexible rental terms, with contracts that can be as short as a month or extend for years, depending on the user's needs.

Insurance is an important consideration when renting a self-storage unit. While many facilities provide basic security measures, they typically do not cover the contents of the units.

The Box Co. recognises the importance of this protection and uniquely includes £100 per box insurance cover in their monthly pricing, offering you peace of mind without the additional hassle or cost. Enquire with The Box Co. today to get a free quote.

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Where Do I Find Self-Storage Near Me?

Finding a nearby self-storage facility is easier than ever, thanks to online resources.

A quick search for "self-storage near me" can bring forward a list of local options, complete with customer reviews, available services, and contact information.

When choosing a facility, consider factors such as location convenience, security features, access hours, and price. Visiting a few facilities can provide insights into their operation, helping you to choose the one that best meets your storage needs.


In summary, self-storage offers a secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution for those in need of extra space. Whether for personal or business use. Get started to find your self-storage facility today!

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