Do I Need Self-Storage Insurance?

Do I Need Self-Storage Insurance?

Understanding the nuances of self-storage insurance can save you from potential losses due to unforeseen events. 

This article explores everything you need to know about insurance for self-storage. Let's jump in...

Is Insurance Mandatory For Self-Storage?

When considering renting a self-storage unit, a common question is whether to insure the items you plan to store.

Self-storage insurance is not legally mandatory; however, it is a standard requirement set by storage facility operators.

They require that your items are insured to protect against potential risks while under their care. This is largely for the peace of mind of both the facility and the customer.

Without Self-storage insurance, customers may face the total loss of their stored items' value should an unforeseen event occur, such as a fire or burglary.

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Is Self-Storage Insurance Expensive?

The cost of self-storage insurance can vary depending on several factors: the level of coverage, the value of the items being stored, and the storage company's policies.

Typically, the self-storage insurance cost is a fraction of the value of the items stored, making it a sensible investment.

Some insurers offer scalable policies so that customers only pay for the coverage they need, which can help in managing costs. You should always compare different policies and shop around for quotes to ensure you are getting a competitive rate.

What Does Self-Storage Insurance Cover?

Self-storage insurance typically offers protection against a variety of risks, including but not limited to theft, fire, vandalism, water damage, and some natural disasters.

The specifics of what is covered will depend on the policy. It's important to understand the terms, as some policies may have exclusions, such as damage due to flooding or earthquakes.

Additionally, most policies have coverage limits, and for high-value items, you might need to purchase additional coverage or a separate policy to ensure full protection.

Do Storage Locations Require Insurance?

While the requirement for insurance can depend on the storage company's policy, most storage facilities do require proof of insurance before allowing you to rent a unit.

This is to ensure that they are not held liable for any damage to your belongings. In some cases, your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy may provide coverage for items stored off-site; however, confirming this with your insurance provider is vital as there may be limitations or specific conditions under which this coverage is valid.

What Storage Companies Offer Insurance As Part of The Rental Costs?

In the UK storage market, it is common for companies to offer self-storage insurance as an additional service with added costs.

However, some storage companies include self-storage insurance in their rental costs, which can be a significant value add for customers.

The Box Co. stands out in the UK market by including insurance in the monthly rental price, making it an attractive option for those seeking a straightforward, all-inclusive storage solution.

This practice contrasts with other major UK companies, which generally charge additional fees for self-storage insurance.

storage company comparison

The Box Co.'s monthly price for a 9sq ft unit, which accommodates five extra-large boxes, is competitively priced at £67 per month, with the added benefit of insurance and no required security deposit, offering significant value and peace of mind to customers.

If you are looking for self-storage, The Box Co. provides cost-effective storage solutions, with insurance included. Get a free quote today.


In essence, while self-storage insurance may not be legally mandated, it is a prudent step to take when using storage facilities. With the variability in costs and coverage options available, it is essential to research and compare different policies.

Insurance can assure that in the event of damage or loss, the financial investment in your stored items is secure. And if you do find the self-storage insurance landscape confusing, opt for a company that has it included in the price. After all, peace of mind is priceless.

If you are looking for self-storage, The Box Co. provides cost-effective storage solutions, with insurance included. Get a free quote today.

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